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Nothing beats spring for a runner. The temperature rises, the ground thaws and you’re back on the open road—feeling the wind in your hair. Come June however, those perfect 65 and sunny running days quickly escalate to 85, leaving your feet more prone to sweat, blisters and discomfort. The Ironman® Spectrum Pro sock is designed to provide the ultimate comfort through an ultra lightweight, breathableIronman Spectrum Pro design.  Packed with patented technology, the Spectrum Pro will keep your feet dry until the last meter.

Fit for an Ironman

All Wigwam Ironman® styles utilize our own, patented technology. As the name states, these styles are designed to aid a triathlete transitioning from the Ironman® swim to the bike ride, and on to a full marathon. Our Ultimax® moisture management system is the key to keeping your feet in the optimum environment. By combining a mix of hydrophobic (moisture rejecting) and hydrophilic (moisture absorbing) fibers, Ultimax® moves moisture up and out of your shoe. Whether you’re running a few miles or a full triathlon, we’ll help you beat the heat.

How Is Ultra Light, Ultra Protection?

The Ironman® Spectrum Pro goes a step further to be the perfect summer running sock. The ultrathin material provides a foot-hugging fit that’s supportive while still remaining breathable. The low cut style also offers a seamless toe closure and a specially designed cushion for the ball of your foot. This cushion reduces impact without adding bulk to the sock.  And don’t forget, by keeping your feet dry, Ultimax® technology will also help eliminate odor and prevent blisters.

What’s Your Favorite Wigwam Running Sock?

If you’re hitting the open road on a hot summer day, we suggest you try the Ironman® Spectrum Pro. Tried it already? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!


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