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Nothing beats spring for a runner. The temperature rises, the ground thaws and you’re back on the open road—feeling the wind in your hair. Come June however, those perfect 65 and sunny running days quickly escalate to 85, leaving your feet more prone to sweat, blisters and discomfort. The Ironman® Spectrum Pro sock is designed to provide the ultimate comfort through an ultra lightweight, breathableIronman Spectrum Pro design.  Packed with patented technology, the Spectrum Pro will keep your feet dry until the last meter.

Fit for an Ironman

All Wigwam Ironman® styles utilize our own, patented technology. As the name states, these styles are designed to aid a triathlete transitioning from the Ironman® swim to the bike ride, and on to a full marathon. Our Ultimax® moisture management system is the key to keeping your feet in the optimum environment. By combining a mix of hydrophobic (moisture rejecting) and hydrophilic (moisture absorbing) fibers, Ultimax® moves moisture up and out of your shoe. Whether you’re running a few miles or a full triathlon, we’ll help you beat the heat.

How Is Ultra Light, Ultra Protection?

The Ironman® Spectrum Pro goes a step further to be the perfect summer running sock. The ultrathin material provides a foot-hugging fit that’s supportive while still remaining breathable. The low cut style also offers a seamless toe closure and a specially designed cushion for the ball of your foot. This cushion reduces impact without adding bulk to the sock.  And don’t forget, by keeping your feet dry, Ultimax® technology will also help eliminate odor and prevent blisters.

What’s Your Favorite Wigwam Running Sock?

If you’re hitting the open road on a hot summer day, we suggest you try the Ironman® Spectrum Pro. Tried it already? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!


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Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle


From our post on Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego (the founding city of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series), you should know this race is all about having fun! Whether you’re running a full marathon or a half marathon, you’ll get to enjoy a different band at every mile marker.  It all culminates a huge headliner concert at the Finish Line Festival as well. In just a few weeks on June 21, 2014, thousands of participants and spectators will flock to Washington State to celebrate Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle.

The Seattle Course

In Seattle, RnR runners have the choice of a full or half marathon. All participantsRock N Roll Marathon Seattle can expect a hilly course, but they can also look forward to beautiful views as they breeze past iconic Seattle sights. Portions of the route go along Lake Washington, others areas offer great views of Mount Rainer, and full marathoners will cross over to Mercer Island for a short stretch of the race.

A look at the Course Map for both the full and half marathon routes will help runners prepare. You can easily see where the bands, water stations and elevation points are located. The South Dakota Street hill was included in the original Seattle course but removed a few years ago, much to many racers’ delight. The course still encompasses some steep inclines and declines however, including a final incline leading up to the finish line.

Seattle Summers

June in Seattle typically offers lovely 70-degree temperatures; 2013 participants remember last year’s race as a near perfect running day. Pair nice weather with beautiful bay views and you’ve got a great summer race! And don’t forget, after completing the 13.1 or 26.2-mile feat, the 20,000 runners and thousands of spectators will unite for a fantastic post-race celebration. This year’s headliner is a local band, The Presidents of the United States of America.

Click here to find a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon race near you.

Come Prepared

Wigwam is a proud supporter of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Socks are a crucial component to keeping feet dry and comfortable and we love outfitting participants with the ultimate running socks. Our Ultimax technology is designed to move moisture up and out, preventing blisters and friction. Be sure to stop by our Expo booth on June 19-20 for a fitting!

You can follow more updates on Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle using #RnRSEA on Twitter.

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The Ironman concept arose to settle a real-life debate. In 1977, a group of premier athletes found themselves discussing which sport yielded the most fit athletes. Having just completed the annual Oʻahu Perimeter relay around Hawaii, the internationally renowned swimmers and runners all saw their own sport as superior. After someone asserted that a Belgian cyclist had just been recognized for having the highest “oxygen uptake” of any measured athlete, the debate only intensified.

The SolutionIronman Mont Tremblant

The debate was solved by a suggestion to combine the three pre-existing, long-distance competitions on the island. The three included races for swimming, biking and running. After some fine-tuning, the Ironman was born. The ultra-competitive feat includes a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a full 26.2-mile marathon.

Ironman Today

While the World Championship Ironman is still held in Hawaii, there are a number of qualifier races held across the globe. In 2001, the Half Ironman, later rebranded as the Ironman 70.3, was adopted by the World Triathlon Corporation to serve both as a training vehicle and qualifier for full Ironman triathlons. Together, the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 triathlons are held over 100 times a year worldwide.

The Ironman Mont-Tremblant

This year, Mont-Tremblant, Canada, a small ski village in Quebec takes center stage for Ironman in North America. On June 22nd, they will play host to an Ironman 70.3. On August 17th, the Ironman North American Championship will take place in its rugged landscape as a qualifier for the World Championship being held later this year in Hawaii. Then, on September 7th, they will hold the 2014 Mont Tremblant IronmanIronman 70.3 World Championship. This small town of less than 10,000 souls will be Ironman Central for the next few months.

The town itself offers breathtaking views and a variety of outdoor activities, but the competitors come for the endurance testing triathlons. The 1.2 or 2.4-mile swim occurs in Tremblant Lake. When contenders emerge from the banks of the tree-lined lake, they dry off, slather on sunscreen, and mount their bikes for a 56 or 112-mile ride through Mont-Tremblant’s forests, village, and railways. While the entire course is picturesque, the most beautiful views await during the 13.1 or 26.2-mile run. Competitors can look forward taking in a beautiful waterfall as they descend back to the village. 

Wigwam is proud to be affiliated with Ironman. And, as always, we’ll be at Mont-Tremblant cheering participants on. We hope to see you there a

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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon started with a simple idea: Rock N Roll Marathon San Diegoto make running fun. Since its founding in 1998, Rock ‘n’ Roll has become the world’s largest running series, with participation from 26 American cities each year. Often called the “grandaddy” of marathons, today's participants have the option to run a full or half marathon, or even a 10k or 5k, depending on the city.

Why Choose the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series?

What’s the secret to its popularity? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Series features local rock and roll bands at every mile marker, so runners can enjoy live music along their route. In addition, they get to celebrate the end of the race with a huge headliner concert, open to the public. On June 1, 2014, San Diego will play host to the race, kicking off summer with a beat!

Racing San Diego

Beautiful San Diego weather and live bands span the city to make the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon feel more like a party than a race. San Diego SkylineThe San Diego event in particular is known for its laid back, friendly attitude from runners and sponsors alike! Participants will begin in the downtown area, and move west, running the middle portion of the race along Mission Bay’s beautiful shoreline. After making the final trek across the finish line, twenty thousand runners will join the 100,000 spectators for the ultimate post-race celebration: The Finish Line Festival, headlined by Aloe Black. 

Treat Your Feet

Wigwam is a proud supporter of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, helping runners treat their feet onsite. In San Diego, we’re partnering with local trail experts, Nomad Ventures to bring the Rock ‘n’ Roll party to your feet. Stop by our booth for a special Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion. Our running socks feature patented Ultimax technology to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and blister-free so you can concentrate on running to the beat. If you or someone you know is running Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego, make sure to stop by and say hi!

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Where Does Spring Take You?


Spring marks the starting point for sports teams, hiking events and triathlons across the country. Whether you want to get down and dirty in a Tough Mudder event or compete in intramurals, Wigwam has a sock designed to fuel your feat/feet.

Blazing a Spring Trail

It may be muddy from April showers, but spring is high season for hikers and backpackers. Looking to try something new? American Hiking has a springtime event schedule for all who crave rugged terrain. On the whole, hiking might be one of the most accessible outdoor endeavors around. There are trails for all abilities and it only requires a few key pieces of equipment. Wigwam Hiking Socks

When it comes to the outdoors, the piece of equipment you should never skimp on is socks. After all, your best asset on a hike is your feet! Enjoy the trail longer with Wigwam’s Hiking Outdoor Pro and Merino Trailblaze Pro socks, designed to keep out moisture and pad your feet for even the rockiest routes. Wigwam adventure athlete Payge McMahon can vouch. Last year she competed in a 167-mile, 7-day feat called the Grand to Grand Ultra wearing Wigwam socks!

Get Your Game Face On

Did you join a spring intramural team? From flag football, to soccer, to softball, these casual games can inspire fierce competition. Sport your matching jerseys proudly and make sure the rest of your gear has you outfitted to win. When impressing your coworkers or maintaining champion status is on the line, you don’t want to worry about adjusting your socks. Go for a classic Wigwam Tube Sock to dominate on the court or a low-cut ULTIMAX® style to fuel your sprint downfield.

Swim, Cycle, Run

For serious athletes, spring is synonymous with triathlon season.  Many of you have been training all winter and are taking the final steps to prep for race day.  Having the right footwear can make or break your performance, whether you’re working toward a sprint triathlon or a full IRONMAN®. Typical socks can wrinkle, slide down your heel, or cause blistering. Our IRONMAN® sock styles were designed to weather the transitions of the triathlon.  These lightweight sock styles eliminate moisture, prevent blisters, and will stay snug on your feet through the finish line.

Share Your Spring Adventure

Make spring 2014 the season you finally conquer that mountain, join that team, or make a new personal best on race day. Share your victories, destinations and race goals with us on Facebook or @wigwamsocksusa on Twitter!

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