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Gordon McArthur

Professional Climber, Adventure Climbing

  • Place of Birth:Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • Gear:Iron Man Flash Pro & Snow Moto Pro (Wigwam socks)
  • Sport:Professional Climber, Adventure Climbing


Gordon McArthur, for pretty much his entire life, has been involved in sports.  Whether team or adventure, his passion has always been geared towards movement.  And ‘til this very day, nothing has changed; only that now…everything is focused on climbing.


Gordon Mc Arthur - Extreme Climb


From the age of 16 Gord has pursued climbing, but only in the last 6 years has he developed that into a career–so much to the point of representing Canada at the recent Sochi Olympics (presenting ice climbing in front of the world as a demonstration sport).  Every winter Gord travels the globe competing on the world’s stage (for Canada) on the world cup ice climbing competition circuit.  This past season (2013/14) Gord climbed the rankings and stood at a respectable 13th overall in the world.  This was a huge accomplishment as it’s been over 10 years since a North American has broken the top 20.


Gordon Mc Arthur - Sochi Olympics 2014 b


Aside from competition, Gord has also been successful with completing some of the world’s hardest mixed climbing routes, testing his every wit for every moment.  He’s always searching for the next hard line to do or to establish.  One of his ground breaking routes was the “El Matador”, which is situated in one of the most beautiful canyons in British Columbia–The Bull River Canyon.  This route that Gord developed has gained exposure all over the world, drawing some of the top athletes in search of a test piece like this.


El Matador Bull River Canyon - Gordon Mc Arthur


When Gord isn’t climbing “out there”, you’d likely find him in his backyard training.  And just so you all know…this backyard is something to be seen.  Towering 30ft walls, training apparatuses everywhere…it’s like his own personal climbing/training gym…10ft from his backdoor.  And if he isn’t training…he’ll be hanging out with his 2 beautiful daughters and amazing wife.


Gordon Mc Arthur - Team Canada


Gord leads a crazy busy life…with all the travel, climbing, running a graphic design and marketing business, and of course trying to keep up with his 2 daughters.  But he’s always talking about how grateful he is for such a life, and of course for all the support he receives from everyone around him.

What’s next for Gord? Well, it’s simple: The podium.  His goal, focus, and attention is directed solely (as far as climbing goes) at standing on the podium at the world’s stage of competition.  And with the kind of dedication and commitment he shows…there’s no question to whether or not, but more so when.

Gordon McArthur
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