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  • Place of Birth:Singapore
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Running was a sport I took up at the age of 36 and since then haven’t looked back.

Having run a couple of half marathons in 2001 I found myself on the start line of the Marathon des Sable a 7 day, 250km self-sufficiency staged race in the Sahara Desert.  During the race I became very ill and had to be given 5 bags of IV drip followed by a further 5 bags when I finished.  When I returned home I remember thinking “if I could complete what was considered at the time to be the toughest footrace in the world feeling that ill, imagine what I could do if I was feeling 100%”

Marvelous Mimi Running Desert Mountain (2)

Since then I have been lucky enough to take part in races all over the world from Deserts to Mountains to the freezing temperatures of the Arctic and the humid temperatures of the Peruvian Jungle. 

Marvelous Mimi Running Desert 2

In 2007 I entered my first adventure in the cold, a 352 mile non-stop, self-sufficiency race in the Arctic over 8 days.  As I had no experience with racing in these conditions my first aim was to finish in 6.5 days the second was simply to finish!  At one point with the wind the temperatures plummeted to minus 75! 

 Marvelous Mimi Arctic Run (2)

Everything went well and I won the race outright, finishing 24 hours before the next person and to date the record still holds.

Looking for another challenge I decided to try for the Female World Record for running the length of the UK - LEJOG (Lands End to John O’Groats) or as I did JOGLE (John O’Groats to Lands End) a total distance of 840 miles. I set off on my epic run on the 16th July 2008 and during the trip I got hit by a car and on the final day stopped for 45 minutes by a Policeman on the A30 but thankfully still managed to break the female World Record - 12 days, 15 hrs and 46 minutes.

In 2011 I entered the Spartathlon a 153 mile non-stop race starting in Athens and finishing in Sparta all in under 36 hrs.  This was a race that I had always put off entering as I never thought I was fast enough to complete it.  I managed to get 3rd female which I was ecstatic about as its a race with a very competitive international field.

Mimi Anderson Ultra Runner - Ireland (2)

In 2012 I set another World Record this time for running the length of Ireland - 345 miles.  I ran from the most northerly point, Malin Head, to the most southerly point, Mizen Head.  During the run I felt strong both physically and mentally and managed to take over 10 hrs off the previous record finishing in 3 days, 15 hrs and 36 minutes. (overall WR)

I believe I’m the first person to hold both End to End World Records simultaneously.

I’m well known in the Ultra Community for double races up.  In 2009 I become the first female to run Double Comrades in South Africa (running to the race the afternoon before, turning round and running back with the other competitors).  2011 I set a new female course record for Double Badwater in the USA (taking over 21 hours off the previous record) 292 miles and in 2013 I became the first person to complete Double Grand Union Canal Race in the UK (ran to the race then ran back) 290 miles - I wonder what will be next!

In September 2014 I ran approx 2,000km along the Freedom Trail in South Africa, completing the amazing run in 32 days with no rest days, an experience that I will never forget.

Running has given me my confidence back, belief in myself has returned but above all it has made me a stronger person and hopefully a better one.  The camaraderie in these events is fantastic, living in a tent for 7 days with complete strangers, or running with someone you have never met before builds a bond between you that will never be broken; sharing an experience like that is magical, I now have some great friends around the world who have helped and supported me over the years, all through running.


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