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Customer Stories Vol:1


Another Great story from one of our customers:

"I had an Aunt who passed a way of breast cancer that bought me multiple pairs of Wigwam socks every Christmas. Her name was Anne and she lived in Sheboygan with my Uncle. She had the warmest soul that anyone can imagine and was a light to all that knew her. I have used those sock to keep my feet warm during many cold deer hunts in my home State of Ohio. They never let me down.

This winter I am spending in the mountains of Afghanistan. We have had some very cold days and nights here and those same socks, "some of the last ones ever recieved" have taken on a new meaning for me. I know that the warmth I feel comes from the quality of the socks I am wearing. But, I feel the warmth of my Aunt in them too. She and my Uncle are big parts of the Sheboygan commuinity. I am sure that they have touched the lives of the same folks that work for the company in some way.

I was searching for new socks to wear for my hunting season next fall when I read the, "about us" tab on the website. After reading about the company I am not suprised to find why she was a fan. I would like all at the Sheboygan facility to know that I am proud of them and it is companies like theirs that help me to feel good anout being an American soldier defending a Nation that allows meaningful companies to flurish. Thank you Aunte Anne and thank you Wigwam for helping to make my situation bearable."


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