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Trade is the engine for textile jobs in the United States. Without access to foreign markets, the U.S. textile industry could not survive. However, when trade agreements do not protect our markets from artificially low-priced imports or allow governments to subsidize their textile exporters, American textile companies, their workers and their communities all suffer.

The U.S. textile industry and its workers are fighting for trade agreements that provide new access for our textile products. We oppose trade agreements that allow subsidized producers greater access to the U.S. market or give countries like China a back door to bring goods into our country. Click here to learn more.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)... What is it?

The TPP is an international free trade agreement currently being negotiated between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Once finalized, the agreement will allow member countries to export their goods with lower tariffs, duties and other reduced trade barriers within TPP member countries.


When bad trade deals lead to closed textile plants, the impact on local communities where textile mills are located can be devastating, with long-lasting, negative repercussions.

When a textile mill closes in a rural community, there are rarely new manufacturing jobs to take their place. Even when jobs are available, they are almost always at lower wages, with less benefits. And that is not all. Retail stores, restaurants, charities and churches all suffer and the local government often has to either raise taxes or reduce spending on roads, police and education. In addition, many U.S. textile companies provide important services to their communities, including funding for college scholarships, local athletics and recreational activities, and holiday and seasonal community events. Click here to learn more.

Existing textile mills in rural communities are the cornerstone of some small towns. Watch this video on what Mount Vernon Mills means to Trion, GA.

Protecting American textile and apparel manufacturing jobs starts with you! Tell Congress and the Administration to support a strong Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that protects the U.S. textile industry, American jobs and communities across America. Click here to contact your elected official in support of American jobs.

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