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The Fruits of our Loom

There is a great article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Allen Edmonds and their focus a high quality American made apparel. As the article mentions Wigwam as a supplier of high quality dress socks for them. A nuance that was mistated was the acquisition of a finer guage loom. Loom's are used by weavers.

Don't get us wrong we love weavers.

We love this weaver.

220px -Sigourney _Weaver _by _David _Shankbone

and this weaver

But we are knitters. We are not going to call for a retraction, but just wanted to clarify about our socks.

We did bring in some new machinery for this, and in addition to making fablous socks for Allen Edmonds, it has allowed us to produce some of the best quality sport socks ever such as Featherlite, and some great men's casual like Byron.

In the world of textiles there are weavers and their are knitters. It is much like when someone says they are from New York. There are people who live in NYC and there are people who live in Buffalo. Neither one is better, but people from Buffalo will say Buffalo and not want to be confused with someone from NYC, and vice versa.


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