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Runners are gearing up for the 8th annual NYC Half-Marathon!  If you’re preparing to run on March 16th, here are a few ways to prepare your feet for the 13.1 miles.

Sweat – Running any race, your feet are bound to sweat. Your goal should be to evaporate that sweat as quickly as possible. Socks are key in this process, serving as a barrier between your feet and your shoes. When selecting your race day socks, look for wicking fabrics like those with dri-relase technology that moves moisture up and out of the socks. X20 Acrylic is another advanced synthetic fiber that is engineered to absorb. Dry feet are happy feet.

Blisters – 13.1 miles can cause blisters. First, make sure your running shoes fitNyc -half -marathon -training comfortably - you should have about a thumb's width between your big toe and the end of the shoe. Socks are also fundamental in blister-prevention. Look for styles with a seamless toe closure and those with moisture control. Good moisture control systems combine hydrophobic (moisture-rejecting) and hydrophilic (moisture-absorbing and transporting) fibers to move moisture out of your shoe and keep your feet dry and blister free.

Impact – The NYC Half-Marathon runners should expect a hilly first half of the race. The route starts with a scenic 6 miles through Central Park. Luckily, you can look forward to a downhill push at mile 7 into the heart of Times Square. To keep your feet cozy through the ups and downs, make sure to break in your shoes prior to race day and choose a style with a roomy toebox so your toes have room to splay. As for socks, look for a foot hugging fit and cushioned soles.

Warmth –New York in March is rarely a balmy 70 degrees, but NYC Half-Marathon runners should expect lower temperatures than normal at this year’s race. Past temperature averages fall between 32-48 degrees. Plan for cold weather running conditions and choose fabrics that will wick away moisture quickly so you stay warm through the finish line.

Odor – When it’s all said and done, you’ll have to take off your shoes. No one likes smelly feet, so choose footwear with odor-defense technology. Chitosan, found in X20 Acrylic has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial characteristics. Your cheering support team on the sidelines will thank you.

Have other questions about the NYC Half-Marathon race prep? Let us know here, Facebook, or Twitter! Best of luck to everyone participating!

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