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Spring Training: Ready. Set. Race!


Spring training isn’t just for Major League Baseball. As the temperature rises, so do the number of runners and joggers hitting the pavement after a long winter on the treadmill. It’s time to train for spring races!

Today, there are more races than ever to explore no matter what your running level. Whether you’re training for the Boston Marathon, a half-marathon like the NYC Half, or looking for a 5K in your area, RunnersWorld keeps an ongoing list of local running events. Still not convinced? First timers might consider a less traditional race like The Color Run or the Zombie Run - both are as much of a party as they are an athletic race!

Keep Your Feet Happy

Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, taking care of your feet is vital to achieve your training goals. Without the right footwear, running can wreak havoc on your feet! Investing in high performance socks, for instance, can prevent blisters, odor and moisture buildup. Features like a cushioned sole or seamless toe closure will also help you run longer and more comfortably. There are countless running sock varieties to choose from, so which one’s right for you?

Choosing the Perfect Running Sock

For Trail Runners:

Trail runners need footwear with flexibility to regulate temperature, keep feet dryWigwam Merino Ridge Runner and provide cushioned support for uneven terrain. Wigwam’s Merino Ridge Runner Pro combines the benefits of Dri-release® that keeps your feet dry and snug, with a special fine blend of Merino wool.

For Triathlon Runners:

The Ironman Endur Pro was designed with Wigwam’s patented Ultimax technology.Wigwam Ironman Endur Pro Ultimax moves moisture from the bottom of the sock up and out to keep feet dry and prevent blisters. With breathable mesh air vents, this sock is ideal for triathlons, where a seamless transition can make or break a race split. 

For Crew Cut Fans:

You can never go wrong with a classic. Wigwam’s Cool Lite Pro Crew sock is perfectWigwam Cool Lite Pro Crew for the multifaceted athlete looking for a sock that is equally multipurpose. This crew sock combines a high performance Dri-release® TENCEL® fiber to speed drying, in addition to X20 Acrylic fibers that repel moisture up and out of the sock.

For No Show Socks:

If you prefer a low ankle-cut sock, try Wigwam’s Ironman Velocity Pro. It cradlesWigwam Ironman Velocity Pro the foot, prevents friction and features a seamless toe closure to guarantee lasting comfort. It also contains Chitosan, a natural odor defense to keep your footwear from smelling, well, like feet.

For Color Lovers:

Wigwam’s Ironman Lightning Pro Low Cut is where fashionWigwam Ironman Lightening Pro Low Cut meets function. Offered in a rainbow of neon, this brightly colored style will match your favorite workout apparel. Boosted with Wigwam Ultimax technology, the Lightning Pro also has a heel tab designed to prevent friction within your running shoe.

Run with Wigwam

All of us at Wigwam Socks pride ourselves on being THE performance sock company. We’re constantly evolving our technology to keep your toes comfortable. For 109 years we’ve provided our customers with quality, American made socks that elevate your performance as an athlete.

Enjoy spring running season and show your feet some love with Wigwam!

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