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For those of you who enjoy running roads, trails and everything in between, our Rebel Fusion Quarter II provides the ultimate comfort, no matter the terrain. Made for the high impact outdoor athlete, this Merino blend sock is backed by careful engineering to keep your feet going strong.

Exclusive Design. Function. Comfort

What makes the Rebel Fusion Quarter II so special? First off, it combines the sock Wigwam Rebel Fusion Quarter IIand liner into a single piece of fabric. Wigwam is the only company that offers this unique combination and your feet will thank you for it. By blending the Olefin liner with Merino wool, the Rebel Fusion provides temperature regulation to keep your feet warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. Your feet will nestle into the sock's breathable mesh and really feel the difference. 

The Science Behind the Sock: Ultimax 

The Rebel Fusion Quarter II utilizes Wigwam's patented Ultimax technology to keep outdoor athletes on the trails from sunrise to sunset. Ultimax is our revolutionary moisture management system that uses a push/pull technique. The hydrophobic Olefin liner (moisture rejecting) and hydrophilic Merino wool (moisture absorbing) fibers move moisture from the inside out, keeping your feet in the optimum environment. These features, along with the Rebel Fusion's lightweight design, long-wearing heel and toe, and seamless toe closure make it the perfect all-in-one package. If you're looking for a versatile sock to keep up with your active lifestyle, try the Rebel Fusion Quarter II. Be sure to let us know what you think on Facebook!

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